The bar with the world’s biggest whisky collection is on a Swedish island.

Källa: The Local nyhetsbrev 2018.09.12

The bar with the most varieties of whisky in the world is located in Öland, an island off Sweden’s southeast coast which has become the first outside Scotland to ever hold the record.

Hotel Skansen in Färjestaden has earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for its impressive collection of over 1,000 different kinds of whisky, Kvällsposten reported.

The bar first broke the record for the most whisky bottles in Sweden back in 2001.

“We probably started collecting whiskies in 2000,” the hotel’s director, Fredrik Norén, who started the collection with his whisky-loving father, told The Local.

“We found out that the biggest whisky collection in Stockholm consisted of 411 bottles and decided to break this record.”

Ever since then, Norén has continued his work in whisky collection through trips to Scotland, the largest branches of Swedish alcohol monopoly Systembolaget, and faraway places such as Japan and Australia.

“I was born into the restaurant and bar business. It’s kind of natural to have this interest,” he said.

In June this year, Guinness World Records staff travelled to the hotel to count the bottles along with cameras and independent witnesses. A representative from the company will come to the hotel on Friday to present a certificate confirming the record.

Hotel Skansen’s 1,179 types of whisky were enough to beat the previous world record of 1,031 by a significant margin, which was set by the Glenesk Hotel in Edzel, Scotland.

“It feels so good working with whisky for all those years. Now being able to say that we actually have the world’s biggest collection feels fantastic,” said Norén.

He doesn’t plan on stopping after receiving the certificate, though: “We’re going to buy more whisky. Our collection is a living collection, because it’s also a bar. Bottles are emptied and new ones will arrive. The collection will definitely keep on growing.”

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